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Benefits of a 360° Approach to Cancer Treatment

Navigating cancer treatment can be overwhelming, physically and emotionally. At the New York Proton Center (NYPC), our commitment to patient care goes beyond proton therapy treatment; it encompasses a comprehensive approach that addresses the diverse needs of cancer patients. By addressing these needs, we can empower our patients to focus on their treatment journey with confidence and peace of mind.


Beyond providing cutting-edge proton therapy treatment, NYPC emphasizes holistic care, recognizing that cancer treatment is not solely about medical interventions but also about addressing a myriad of personal and financial challenges patients face. In addition to radiation oncologists, nurses, radiation therapists, and medical physicists and treatment planning dosimetrists, our multidisciplinary patient care team includes social workers, both patient and nurse navigators, nutritionists, a child life specialist, and others  – ensuring that patients receive comprehensive support tailored to their individual needs.


From the moment a patient calls us for the first time, our intake coordinators streamline their patient journey by collecting and organizing medical records and insurance information and arranging for a conversation with our intake nurse and a consultation with one of our radiation oncologist specialists.


NYPC’s patient navigators ensure continuity of care at the start of our patients’ treatment journey. By coordinating initial appointments such as treatment simulations, assisting with insurance authorizations, and facilitating communication among other members of the team, patient navigators alleviate much of the logistical stress that comes with beginning cancer treatment.


For many patients, our social work team plays a pivotal role in enhancing social functioning and overall well-being. Whether they are assisting with lodging for a patient who does not live in the area, addressing transportation needs, or providing supportive counseling, our social workers provide invaluable guidance, advocacy, and comfort.


Meanwhile, our dietician-nutritionist offers personalized dietary guidance, equipping NYPC’s patients with the knowledge and resources to remain nourished and eat well while undergoing treatment. For example, some patients, particularly those with head and neck tumors, treatment side effects can impact appetite, taste, and the ability to eat. Other patients simply want to learn more about how to optimize their nutritional status.


For pediatric patients, NYPC’s child life specialist attends to their unique needs, providing emotional support for the children and their families, resources to make treatment more comfortable, and an environment that promotes healing and resilience.


NYPC also has specialized initiatives to further support patients during and after treatment. Our partnership with the WiTT Group, Inc. allows for patients to request and receive support for non-clinical needs through an online platform. NYPC has also developed a peer mentoring program, which pairs NYPC alumni with current patients. This program fosters a sense of community, allowing new patients to connect with someone who completed a similar treatment path and can provide guidance and support.


At NYPC, we understand that cancer treatment can be a challenging journey, and we are honored to stand alongside our patients every step of the way, delivering unparalleled, state-of-the-art treatment while providing compassionate care and comprehensive support.

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