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Patient stories

Our patients come from near and far, seeking the gold standard in proton therapy. Here are some of their stories.

“From day #1 we felt welcome and were guided through the process.”
– Grateful New York Proton Center patient
Moving forward after lung cancer treatment. Meet Patti.
Resuming a busy life after thymic cancer. Meet Lisa.
A honeymoon awaits after facing Hodgkin's lymphoma. Meet Jack.
Living a full teen life after a brain tumor. Meet Kailey.
Looking to the future after breast cancer treatment. Meet Haley.
Head and neck cancer here and gone. Meet Joseph.
A highly targeted breast cancer treatment. Meet Kathi.
Getting back to living. Meet Allen.
Finding strength from an unexpected diagnosis. Meet Tracy.
Resuming an active life after a spinal tumor. Meet Sara.
Prostate treatment with few side effects. Meet Bill.
Career-saving lung cancer therapy. Meet Gil.
Painless prostate treatment. Meet Larry.
Life-changing prostate cancer treatment. Meet Greg.
From proton therapy to kindergarten. Meet Thomas.
“You guys are as close to perfect as humanly possible when it came to my therapy.”
– Grateful New York Proton Center patient

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