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Proton therapy has a modern new home

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Stepping inside the New York Proton Center (NYPC), the first thing you notice is the environment: warm and inviting. So patients feel more comfortable and less anxious about their proton therapy cancer treatment.


We treat all our patients with respect and personal attention, a one-on-one relationship more typical of a small medical practice than a big-city hospital.


Every case is important. Every patient matters.


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Treatment tailored to you

Every tumor is unique: Where it occurs in the body, its shape and size, its relationship to other organs and tissue. Conventional radiation cannot accommodate these differences effectively. The New York Proton Center can. We customize every facet of treatment, taking into account the many variables that make each case different from the next. Not one size fits all. One size fits only you.
“…the entire staff including those at the desks and the parking security guard who always smiles and made me feel welcome during my entire radiation journey. To the doctors and nurses and all the staff—I appreciated you and can’t thank you enough.”
– Grateful New York Proton Center patient

Patients first, foremost and always

The New York Proton Center was designed and built from the ground up with an eye toward improving the patient experience:

All your imaging needs under one roof

At New York Proton Center, we do all treatment-related imaging—CAT scans, PET scans and MRIs—at our facility. That lets us tailor treatment according to the precise size and shape of the tumor, which we continually monitor and update. Plus patients are spared the inconvenience of traveling to a separate imaging center.

Ultimate precision and control

With our advanced robotic arm system, patient positioning is precise to within millimeters. This reduces the time spent in treatment, so patients experience less anxiety and discomfort.

Adaptive planning

Conventional radiation follows a simple trajectory: plan and execute, with limited ability to make adjustments mid-treatment. At the New York Proton Center, we continuously monitor your response to therapy. That lets us modify treatment in real time—whether to adjust the proton dose based on tumor or anatomical changes, alleviate an adverse reaction or otherwise respond to evolving conditions—according to your individual case.

Tailored just for kids

We’ve created pediatric spaces specially designed to reassure our youngest patients and reduce their anxiety. If your children have other specific needs, you’ll work hand-in-hand with our child-life specialist to make sure they’re met.

A premium on personal attention

Are you traveling to the New York Proton Center from another city? Do you have mobility issues? Any other unique requirements or concerns? Whether it’s lodging, travel assistance or some other personal accommodation, our team will make sure you’re taken care of before, during and after treatment.

How can we help?

Want to find out if proton therapy might be a good fit for you or your patient? Call us at 833-NYPROTON (833-697-7686) or fill out the appropriate form below.