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International Patients

The New York Proton center welcomes inquiries from international patients seeking advanced proton therapy treatments at our center.

How to request information

Please call us at +1-833-697-7686 or email us at [email protected]. You may also complete the inquiry form on our website. Our Nursing Coordinator will follow up with an email within 24 business hours to request additional information about your diagnosis, prior testing, treatment and medical records. Please provide medical records in English if possible.


The information you provide will be shared with one of our expert radiation oncologists who will determine if you may be a candidate for proton therapy.


This review will be completed within a few days of receiving complete records. A virtual consultation will be scheduled if we determine that proton therapy is an appropriate treatment option for you.


If you are contacting us on behalf of an adult patient, you will need a Power of Attorney authorizing us to speak with you on their behalf. This is required when you send the patient’s records for our physicians to review.

Cost of treatment

If you do not have insurance coverage in the United States, you will be required to pay out-of-pocket for treatment (self-pay). We will also work with your local health insurance provider to determine if coverage is possible through your existing plan. We will provide an estimate of anticipated charges after the radiation oncologist reviews your records and recommends a treatment plan. The estimate will be based upon the diagnosis and the approximate number of proton therapy treatments. A signed self-pay agreement is required before treatment can begin.

Translation Services

We offer 24-hour telephone interpreter services through LanguageLine Language Services. Translation services are available for both telephone conversations and in-person visits.

Obtaining a travel visa

If needed, our social workers can write letters to help you and a family member obtain a visa for travel to the United States to receive treatment.

Approved by the FDA since 1988, proton therapy is firmly established as an advanced and highly effective treatment for cancer that can reduce treatment related toxicities, better preserve quality of life, and improve outcomes for patients.

How can we help?

Want to find out if proton therapy might be a good fit for you or your patient? Call us at 833-NYPROTON (833-697-7686) or fill out the appropriate form below.