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A life reclaimed

When Gregory Cohen, a 71-year-old food enthusiast with a love of sports cars, was diagnosed with prostate cancer, his search for treatment options led him to proton therapy. What Greg did not realize at the time is what a life-changing experience his treatment would be. Today Greg is in remission. But he’ll never forget the remarkable team at New York Proton Center that supported him throughout his journey.

“Everyone seemed to care so deeply. They were completely professional, but also exceptionally welcoming.”

When Greg was initially diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2019, his urologist recommended a treatment known as Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT). But having done some research on his own, Greg was deeply concerned about its side effects and impact on his quality of life.


Intent on a second opinion, he sought out a radiation oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center named Dr. Daniel Gorovets. Together they agreed that Greg would begin therapy at the New York Proton Center, where Dr. Gorovets had recently begun treating patients. The treatment promised to effectively treat his prostate cancer without the harmful side effects of traditional radiation therapy.


Greg’s proton therapy began December 5, 2019, continuing five days a week—an easy, early-morning commute from home—for two months. And because his treatment was so punctual, he always arrived at work on time. Proton therapy had no impact on his ability to perform his job or indulge his love of cars and food.


To this day Greg is gratified and extraordinarily relieved he opted for proton therapy. As expected, he suffered no side effects and—because proton therapy does not involve an exit beam—far less damage to healthy tissue and organs.

Compassionate care beyond all expectations

What especially struck Greg was the level of commitment and individual attention he received from everyone he encountered at the center. It resulted in not just first-class medical care but an exceptional experience overall.


At one point during treatment, for example, Greg’s employer switched to a new insurer, suddenly complicating his ability to retain coverage. But again the center came through, dealing directly with the new provider to make sure his insurance was uninterrupted.


With his treatment now behind him, Greg is feeling great.

“I would recommend the center to anyone going through what I went through. The entire experience was just outstanding.”
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