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Honoring Women’s History Month and the Women Changing Lives at the New York Proton Center

It’s Women’s History Month; a time when we not only celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of women throughout history but also amplify the women that are impacting today’s world for the better. At the New York Proton Center (NYPC), women lead the charge in many departments both on the clinical and administrative sides.


One of these women is Anh Kha, RT, Lead Radiation Therapist, Training Specialist. Anh has been with NYPC for nearly four years and is responsible for training all new Radiation Therapists, our largest team at NYPC. As a Lead Radiation Therapist, she also helps to coordinate the care for more than one hundred patients each day. Anh feels energized coming into work every day because “the culture at NYPC makes it easy…Everyone who works here has the same goal to provide exceptional patient care.”


To Anh, Women’s History Month is an opportunity to honor all the women who paved the way for her to be where she is now. She is grateful for the opportunity to select a career path that is worthwhile and fulfilling, and to be able to grow personally and professionally at NYPC. When asked to name a woman from history or contemporary society who she most admires, Anh named Marie Curie, because of her contributions to finding treatments for cancer.


Pratiksha (Prat) Moktan, Director of Strategic Operations, has been with NYPC for four years and works across multiple teams to ensure the process of becoming a patient–from the initial referral inquiry to beginning treatment–is as seamless as possible. After leaving the corporate world to volunteer for wildlife conservation in Africa and human empowerment in Asia for two years, she returned to the U.S. seeking a more fulfilling job at an organization she felt was truly making a difference in people’s lives. Despite not having worked in the healthcare industry before, Prat took a leap of faith and now works in a role that keeps her motivated and happy.


To Prat, Women’s History Month means “honoring and embracing who we are and continuing to break barriers. The month is a tribute to all the powerful women who paved the way for us, and a promise from us to continue trailblazing and paving this path forward for future generations to come.” Among many women in history, Prat particularly admires Mother Teresa for her immense humanity and selflessness, and the fact that she was able to change millions of lives while remaining so humble.


Maria Ugarte, Human Resources Manager, is another woman keeping the wheels turning at NYPC. Maria has worked in her role since 2018, and finds fulfillment in working with a “dedicated team of bright professionals that genuinely care about NYPC’s mission of putting patients first.”


Maria believes Women’s History Month is a chance to reflect on the contributions of pioneering women in history, and to address current challenges facing women in all aspects of society. Maria most admires Frida Kahlo, the Mexican artist who became an icon of female empowerment and resilience in the face of adversity.


Melissa Weisstuch is the Marketing & Communications Manager at NYPC. She joined the organization in 2020, and her primary focus is raising awareness of NYPC’s services through advertising, public relations, digital marketing, social media, and thought leadership. She gained much satisfaction working with the cancer programs in her previous hospital roles, and the opportunity to focus exclusively on oncology at NYPC was ideal.


To Melissa, Women’s History Month is a symbol of all the advancements made by and for women over the past decades, from gaining the right to vote, to paving the way for more women in high-level jobs and elected offices. Melissa truly admires Gloria Steinem, the feminist icon whose advocacy efforts helped to open the door to new opportunities for girls and women.


Another woman making a difference at NYPC is Chrissy Rubin, LCSW, Social Worker. Chrissy joined NYPC a little over two years ago, driven by the knowledge that she would be working with a world-class interdisciplinary team on the cutting edge of curing complex cancers. As a social worker, Chrissy’s job is to take a holistic approach to supporting patients whether this takes the form of counseling or assistance with practical, concrete services that make treatment easier for the patients and their families. Chrissy finds the most fulfillment through the daily interactions she has with the people who walk through NYPC’s doors every day.


The woman Chrissy most deeply admires is her own mother, who raised eight children with no outside support, while Chrissy’s dad worked 80- to 100-hour work weeks. To Chrissy, her mother is the epitome of a powerful, selfless woman who, at age 86, continues to face life’s challenges with fierce dignity and grace.


Prat Moktan, Director of Strategic Operations   Chrissy Rubin, LCSW, Social Worker


All of these women are passionate about their work at NYPC and share a commitment to providing the very best care and an exemplary patient experience. They are just a few examples of the many women who are making a difference in healthcare and beyond. As we celebrate Women’s History Month, let’s take a moment to reflect on the achievements of the women who came before us and recognize the contributions of the women who are making a difference today.


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