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Forward Together FAQs

Forward Together is a free online platform where NYPC patients can create a Support Registry to request assistance with a wide range of non-clinical needs. Below are answers to frequently asked questions about the platform.

About Forward Together
What is Forward Together and how does it help patients?

Forward Together is a platform that was created to make it easy for patients to ask for help and for people to give. It combines the simplicity of a wedding registry with the personalized needs of a patient into an easy-to-use platform.

How Does Forward Together Work?

Patients use the Forward Together registry as they would any other “registry.” They create a list of all items that they need help with (both financial and non-financial) and post those items on the platform so that everyone who wants to help them has visibility to what the patient needs.


Families, friends, and colleagues that are invited by the patient to a private care circle on the Forward Together Registry no longer have to guess how they can help, and they have options and flexibility in the ways they can provide support.


Anyone can join the Forward Together registry and have an opportunity to donate directly to patients in need at . Every patient whose registry is public has been verified as a real patient by the NYPC Forward Together team, ensuring that donors can give with confidence. The Forward Together registry also provides transparency on what each request is for and facilitates easy transfer of funds to patients.


Also, providers and non-profit organizations can identify and refer patients that they believe can benefit from the Forward Together registry.

How do I contact Forward Together?

Please call us at 914-266-1865 or email us at [email protected] (Mon-Fri 9 am-5pm EST).

Creating a Registry
I am uncomfortable asking for help. How will this help remove my fear of asking?

While most patients need help, the fear of asking for help usually arises when a patient asks a specific person to do something for them. They don’t want to be a burden or an imposition to the person they are asking, so it is not the asking itself that is the issue, it is the asking of a specific person that is the problem.

The Forward Together platform removes this barrier.

What types of things can I ask for help with?

We recognize that patients need both financial (e.g., help with rent, transportation, groceries, gas, medication, etc.) and non-financial (e.g., picking up children from daycare, going for a walk, talking, etc.) or ‘in-kind’ help. Our platform allows the patient to ask for both types of help. No request is too trivial or insignificant.


For example, a patient with stage 3 anal cancer wanted $20 to get a haircut but was embarrassed to ask his friends for money. He felt that asking for money for a haircut when he was dealing with cancer was inappropriate. What he did not realize is that there were many people in his support network who were happy to give him the $20 as they realized that self-care is as important as the treatment itself.

Can I create a registry on behalf of my child?

Yes, a parent or guardian of a minor can create a registry on their behalf. Donations will go to the parent or guardian’s connected bank account or debit card.

Will everyone see everything I need help with?

No.  There are requests a patient will make that they only want certain people they know to help them with. The platform allows the patient to specify which group or groups of people see which requests.

What if I don’t want people to know I have cancer?

The confidential platform allows the patient to determine who they want to invite to support them as they go through treatment. Who you invite to support you, and what you want them to see, is 100% your choice.

Why would people who don’t know me want to help?

There are many people who are cancer survivors or have supported patients during their cancer treatment journey. Many people want to help others in need. The problem has been that they do not know what patients want help with, because patients will not tell them.


The Forward Together platform gives them visibility into what patients need, which makes it easier for them to give.

How is this different from other sites that provide support?

Most of the other sites are focused on helping caregivers who support the patient.


The Forward Together platform is solely focused on patients. We recognize that patients’ needs are different from those of the people who care for and support them. We want to give the patient a voice to ask for what they need to help them get through their patient journey.

Is there a way I can thank the people that have donated to me?

Yes. The platform has functionality for the patient to send a personalized thank you note to anyone who supports them.

Can I share my page with friends and family overseas?

Yes. Patients can receive financial support from people outside of the United States when the donor’s credit card accepts international transactions. All transactions are processed in USD.

Can I share information about Forward Together with my doctors’ offices, social networks, etc.?


Are there any tips to maximize the help I can get?

Here are some tips that have helped patients:


  1. Invite people you know to join your care circle. The more care circle members you have, the more likely your registry requests will be claimed. Give others the opportunity to help you.
  2. Do not create single registry items with high dollar amounts. Divide your large requests into smaller recurring items (e.g., July housing/lodging expense, August housing/lodging expense, etc.) The lower the dollar amount, or the more options, the more likely your registry item will be claimed.
  3. Use the description field to explain how you need help in greater detail. People connect to the “why”.
Can I add journaling and pictures?

We currently do not have the ability to add a photo or journal.  That is something we will consider in the future.

For Donors
Are my donations to patients on the Forward Together Platform tax deductible?

Donations that are made directly to patients are not tax deductible for the Donors. Donations that are made to The WiTT Fund are tax deductible.

Who can donate?

Anyone can donate. Please go to to donate to a verified patient in need.

Are donations to the WiTT Fund tax deductible?

The WiTT Fund is a component fund of the Legacy Global Foundation, which is a 501c3. Donations may be tax deductible.

Payments, Fees and Taxes
How soon can I access money that has been donated to me?

It takes 2-3 business days for funds to be transferred to your Forward Together account, and then you can do an immediate transfer to your connected bank account by going to the “Payout” section of your dashboard.

Will I be charged a fee for using the Forward Together Platform?

Forward Together does not charge a fee for use of the platform and provides an opportunity for donors to make a donation to offset transaction processing costs.

Are my donations safe?

We use Stripe as our financial technology partner. Stripe’s secure system facilitates transactions for millions of companies in over 120 countries.

Will donations affect my SSI, SSDI, Medicaid, Food Stamps, or subsidized housing?

For patients who are receiving payments through Federal or State programs including but not limited to SSI, Medicaid, Medicare, food stamps, Section 8 and HUD housing, please be advised that some of these programs have limitations and restrictions that limit, or do not allow, monetary donations through fundraising. We advise you to contact the specific government program before signing up for the Forward Together Registry.

Do I pay taxes on donations?

Generally, contributions made to the Forward Together Registry are personal gifts and, therefore, are not taxed as income to the recipient. However, you should keep good records of your contributions and consult your tax advisor.

How can we help?

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